New Teaching sessions kick off

A hot new term of teaching sessions kicked off this Thursday.

It was identified that nursing staff would be able to attend a Thursday teaching session at 1400 hrs and could stay till at least 1445 hrs. Hence topics of common interest will be featured in this time slot.

Since the education roster for registrars was compiled only that morning, the afternoon session was almost impromptu. However it was well received.

The first segment was a combined Nursing and medical session on practical application of Femoral splinting devices. Quite a handy skill to have as a group. Thanks to CNE Erica and CNC Alex who demonstrated the two lower limb traction devices, The classic Donway  and the newer CT-6 traction devices.

Below is a link to the video on application of the Donway device

A pdf instruction leaflet for Donway splint is attached below this post for review/ download.  PDF file courtesy: Northern hospital (FOAMED liberty)

Below is a link to the video presented  by Dr. Steve Rashford (Medical director of QAS).

The instruction manual card for the CT-6 device is attached below this post for review/ download.

Following that session, Dr. Ben Prentice, Orthopedics registrar discussed statistical aspects of hip fracture management and demonstrated examination of the hip joint. During the session, he mentioned a known complication of prolonged use of the above devices: pressure areas.

The evening ended with a practical session on nerve blocks in ED by Dr. Mohan. Presentation notes will be uploaded to the Education menu soon.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford