Hearty delight

The heart was in focus on 21st of February 2019 during another packed Emergency registrar teaching session.

First on the menu was some excellent teaching on Chest Pain and Acute Coronary Syndromes by guest speaker interventional cardiologist Dr Rohit Barthwal. The slides of Rohit’s chest pain/ACS talk will be available here soon .

After that was a combined registrar/nursing education session on Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial flutter by one of our new Emergency consultants, Dr Nick Scott. It was well received by the crowd. Slides from his talk are available here.

Clinical nurse educator Marni Baker demonstrated use of the defibrillator. It is mandatory that all emergency staff familiarize themselves with the defibrillator in the department. Please feel free to request a clinical nurse educator, senior nurse or ED consultant to show you how to use it.

ED registrar, Dr Shivani Thakur presented the popular IMPACT chest pain trial for journal club article.

A reminder that the Critical appraisal template for journal club presentations is accessible here. Thanks to Dr. Marcus Yong for facilitating a great teaching day. He has also provided another good resource for beginners to review for journal club presentations.