Mountain bike country trauma training day Scottsdale 2019

On 27th September 2019, a joint trauma learning day was conducted at the Scottsdale hospital. followed by a site visit session at the Derby mountain bike tracks.

The day was supervised and organised in an excellent fashion by Launceston Emergency department’s Clinical nurse Educator, Stuart Davidson.

He was supported by volunteering staff from the Simulation laboratory, Clinical Nurse Educators, Emergency medicine consultants, and Senior nurses of Launceston Emergency department and by staff from Scottsdale hospital including Dr Nat Burch.

Participants included doctors, nurses and pharmacists from the Emergency department of Launceston General hospital and from Scottsdale hospital, Simulation coordinators, Tasmanian ambulance staff and students ( nursing and medical) .

Simulation training was conducted with medium- fidelity manikins and actual resuscitation equipment. The attendance and enthusiasm on scene were very high.

Participants attended simulation sessions, followed by several skill stations demonstrating techniques including Rapid IV fluid infuser use, Splinting of lower limbs, Upper limb slings, FAST scan etc.

It was a great opportunity to learn at a beautiful regional facility in addition to being a great day out having fun. The event is expected to have led to increased awareness about Mountain bike injuries and management of such patients.