Imaging guidelines

Below is a simple guideline for choosing the right imaging modality for some common situations. When in doubt, please discuss with your consultant or senior doctor in charge of the shift.

To help choose the right modality, optimize timing, maintain good working relations with our radiology colleagues, optimize activity based funding, and to provide safe patient care, it is recommended that junior doctors discuss cases with senior staff prior to ordering imaging tests.

It is mandatory that ordering tests of the following modalities be only with direct permission from Advanced trainees, Consultants (regular hours) or Medical officer-in-charge (overnight).

  • All pediatric X-rays, except simple extremity X-rays or foreign bodies.
  • All Ultrasound scans.
  • All CT scans.
  • MRI scans (Specialists only).
  • Nuclear medicine studies, e.g. V/Q scan.

As healthcare professionals, it is important to remember that we are guardians of valuable and finite resources. Let’s use it wisely.