Combined Nursing +Medical training

Combined ED Nursing + ED registrar teaching sessions are held on Thursdays between 1400 to 1445 hrs.

Subjects of common interest will be presented with focus on teamwork and communication.

Senior nursing staff, Clinical nurse educators and Shift coordinators are requested to kindly encourage nurses to attend these short intense sessions.

Date Facilitator Presenters Time Topic
04/07/19 Alex/ Maria Alex/ Maria 1400 How to: Research
11/07/19 Mohan Khawaja Khawaja/Shennan/ Davidson 1400 Trauma Sim
18/07/19 Cowan Cowan/ Davidson 1400 Paediatric Sim
25/07/19 Scott Mohan Mohan/ Scott/Davidson 1400 Trauma SIM 1
01/08/19 Khan James Gordon 1400 Paeds Neurology
08/08/19 Khan Coleridge/ Khan/ Scott/ Shennan 1400 Sim stations
15/08/19 Avesta/ Reed Avesta/ Reed/ Cowan/ Shennan 1400 Sim stations
22/08/19 Yong Yong 1400 TBC
29/08/19 Coleridge Sue Nunn Sexual Assault services 1400 Sexual assault
05/09/19 Khawaja Day out to NWRH. All day long THS Professional development program at NWRH    
12/09/19 Khawaja ID consultant Dr O’ Hearn (TBC) 1400 Infectious diseases
19/09/19 Avesta Sue Nunn, NP (TBC) 1400 Wound Mx
26/09/19 Mohan Mohan/ Reed 1400 Simulation 1
03/10/19 Pielage Scott/ Pielage (TBC) 1400 Paediatric
10/10/19 Cowan Preeti 1400 Acute abdomen
17/10/19 Avesta Avesta/ CNE (TBC) 1400 Sim
24/10/19 Mohan M Holroyd(TBC) 1400 Dental trauma
31/10/19 Scott Michaele 1400 Psychiatry
07/11/19 Reed Reed/ Davidson/ Shennan 1400 Paediatric sim
14/11/19 Yong Sirajee 1400 The elements
21/11/19 Avesta Avesta/ Shennan 1400 Paediatric Sim
28/11/19 Khawaja   Khawaja/Yong 1400 Simulation
05/12/19 Khan Mohan/ Davidson 1400 Long trauma sim

Lets learn from each other and make this a great workplace.