General Expectations

Please arrive promptly for your shift. It is discourteous to those staff who are finishing and disruptive for all if you arrive during handover

Short (5min) coffee breaks and longer (30min) meal breaks depending on workload are acceptable. Before you leave the floor to take your break please notify the senior doctor in change and make sure they are aware of any patients who are under your care.

medical stethoscope with red paper heart on white surface

If you are unwell, unable to attend your shift or going to be late ring the MOIC (6777 8302) and email the Emergency Department Administration to let them know. Please let us know as early as possible so we can attempt to organise a replacement staff member. 

Don’t wear:  Jewellery – these collect germs and also can also place us at risk for injury, scarves or ties (danger is having something around your neck that can be pulled), low cut tops or clothing which allows mid-riffs to be shown, visible underwear including briefs (due to low-cut trousers) and bra straps – please!

Do wear comfortable clothes, which are not too tight (just think, you may have to do CPR on someone today!), closed-in, flat shoes (no heels), which can be wiped – for spillages, blood, urine, etc, Scrubs are good, jeans are okay.

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