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Trak ED

The electronic patient information system which is statewide and allows for ED nursing and medical notes to be entered electronically. This interfaces with the digital medical record (DMR). Pathology and radiology should be requested through TrakED. There is TrakED training arranged for you at the beginning of your placement.

The rest of the hospital do not have access to TrakED and so we either print out our notes so that the speciality teams can read them or they can request to read them on the screen if we log in for them. There will be a training session during your orientation.

For more info, please follow the link: How to use TrakED


The digital medical record is statewide allowing for seamless transfer of patient information around the state. The in-patient written patient records are not always scanned in immediately on discharge and so a return/ failed discharge patient may still have notes on the ward which will need to be retrieved. Please note the alerts section of the record which will have advance care directives and goals of care, guardianship orders etc.

All pathology and radiology results are available through DMR. All tests that are ordered should be checked and signed off prior to the patient leaving ED.


HCS is the system which is used for creating electronic discharge scripts and for EMU discharge summaries. We will train you!