Nursing staffing

female doctor in blue scrub suit

Doctors work very closely with nursing staff.  In many cases nurses would have commenced management by giving analgesia, inserting a cannula and initiating bloods and an ECG.

Nurses are allocated to an area which is written on the white board at the beginning of every shift.  Their names and pictures are on this board which can help with getting to know them all!  They nurse in a team, but maintain primary responsibility for their allocated patients.

The Shift Co-ordinator can generally be found at the desk in front of this whiteboard. Otherwise they have a dedicated phone. They are responsible for co-ordinating patient flow through the department.

Please communicate well and ensure your plan is clear for the nurse at the bedside and the shift co-ordinator. If you can’t find the nurse please write a note in the floor plan notes in trakED and let the shift coordinator know who will be able to source the float nurse to help out.

Throughout a patient’s stay please regularly update their progress and plan in the floor notes section of the TrakED program.