Radiology services

All radiology except MRI is ordered electronically through TrakED.


Plain radiography is staffed from 7am to midnight Monday to Friday, 8am to 2pm Saturday and 8am to 4pm Sunday. Outside of these hours there is an on-call roster.

There is an overhead gantry in each resus bay with a viewing screen for urgent portable imaging. Call the radiographer to request a portable resus bay Xray.


Ultrasound is available Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. Bookings can be made with the booking clerk in ultrasound. After-hours (4pm to 8pm or midnight) – call the on call ultrasonographer to discuss the case.


CT and MRI are available 8am-4.30pm weekdays and then after hours on call.

There is only 1 CT and 1 MRI for the whole hospital. Therefore each case needs to be discussed with the relevant radiographer in order to prioritise the tests.  You can either call them or drop round and have a chat. 

All CT scans on children must be discussed with and approved by the ED Consultant. 

All MRI scans need to be on the yellow paper request form, have a consultant signature and have the pre-test questionnaire completed.

Nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine is available offsite through a private facility. There is a Nuclear Physician on call.  Separate request form but a very good service. IT will require the patient to travel offsite and have an appropriate medical escort.


Radiology reporting will be done by a Radiologist at the LGH in hours and after hours there is an off- site reporting service for CTs.

outpatient radiology bookings

Outpatient scans/ procedures are booked via radiology. Do not tell the patient to “turn up in the morning,” but that a booking time will be arranged the next business day.   If organising an outpatient investigation please arrange follow-up. For most people, they do not need to return to the ED for their results. If referring to a GP please put “Please send copy to (doctor’s name)” on the request form.