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Interns & RMOs

Fridays 1300 hrs – 1400 hrs: Rostered ED intern/ RMO teaching

All interns, unless on leave, are expected to attend. You are required to attend 70% of scheduled education sessions in order to satisfactorily complete the ED term. These sessions will involve talks of relevance by ED staff, practical skills sessions and simulation sessions. You may be asked to prepare a brief (5-10min) presentation for these sessions. Dr Fiona Cowan organises these sessions.


Thursday from 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm: protected registrar education

This is protected/ paid time for the registrars and we try to make it relevant and worth your while. We really enjoy robust case based discussions and encourage the registrars and consultants to think about this during their day to day work. Teaching is structured around a topic and you will be rostered and expected to contribute to the delivery of educational sessions. Dr Anita Avesta organises these sessions.

For those registrars undertaking exams, there will be rostered exam prep session to allow for level specific teaching and practice.

Journal club occurs at teaching every 4-6 weeks and we encourage your active participation in reading/ critiquing the articles to allow for some lively and educational discussions.

M+M – Dr Nick Scott organises these sessions. Every month we will have an M+M and review deaths and serious clinical cases which we can learn from. Please collect these cases and let Lucy know of cases. We do not expect individuals involved in the case to present their case, rather an independent reviewer.

Trauma Meeting2nd Thursday of the month at 8AM. Dr Sangeeth Mohan organises these sessions. This is an excellent forum attended by Surgeons, ICU, anaesthetists, TAS ambulance, Radiology and as many from ED as possible. We aim to discuss topics pertinent to trauma but also meet your team and get to know them.

Mentoring – We have a new mentoring program for trainees in the Emergency Department, facilitated by Dr Natalie Birch, our ED clinical educator who is a GP with an education diploma. All new trainees will be asked to nominate their preferred mentors after a period in the department getting to know everyone. This is a formal program, aligned with the ACEM policies on mentoring, but sitting outside of the formal supervision and assessment roles of the senior ED staff.

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