Below are the key senior staff members related to matters concerning junior doctors


lucy reed

Director of Emergency

The boss

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Paul pielage

Infinite wisdom

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Farida khawaja


State Deputy censor ACEM

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Nick scott


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Marcus yong

WBA coordinator

EMC/ EMD supervisor

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Fiona cowan

JMO coordinator



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Sangeeth mohan

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Anita avesta

Fellowship exam program

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natalie burch

Mentoring coordinator

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key nursing staff members

Nurse unit manager (ED NUM)

  • David Harris
Clinical nurse educators
  • Stuart Davidson
  • Erika Hepburn Chilcott
  • Marni Carswell
Clinical nurse consultants
  • Shaun Probert
  • Bronwyn Burgess
  • Louisa Grant
clinical nurse practitioners
  • Pam McGee
  • Michael Holroyd

Shift Coordinator

This is the nurse in charge of the shift, and plays a vital part in the smooth running of the department. This nurse manages patient flow, booking beds, monitoring referrals, discharging to wards, liaising with doctors, nurses, allied health, ambulance, police etc. It is a very busy role which can be made much easier with good communication from the doctors on the shift.

Nurse Practitioners

They generally work in Fast Track but can be flexible when required round the department. They are a great source of information and assistance, particularly for procedural skills.

Tasmanian Ambulance Service (TAS)

We have a good relationship with TAS and work closely with them. Please respect their unique role in the patient journey and listen to their handover/ read their notes. They will use the IMIST-AMBO criteria for handover.

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