Registrars in ED

The registrar’s role is to be an active part of the Emergency Department team, taking responsibility according to your level of training, and actively learning as you go.


Be ready to start your shift on time

Manage patients in a timely manner

Report to the MOIC/ Resource consultant for advice, education and supervision

Be aware of time based targets and aim to process your patients efficiently with regard to triage times and NEAT

Communicate closely with your supervising consultant

Be part of the ED multidisciplinary team

Be an active participant in the Cat 1 team when allocated this role

Advocate for your patients and ensure they are receiving the best quality, timely care possible

Ensure all of your patients have suitable and complete documentation including medical notes, drug cards, referrals and discharge summaries

Manage your time and ensure you and your team members have regular breaks

Ensure you give a concise and effective handover

Support your colleagues and help them out when required

Remember registrar education is on a Thursday afternoon and you should handover patients, free yourself and attend the session starting at 1.00 pm

Above all you should take pride in your work and have fun whilst learning

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