Guide dog Gilbert

Gilbert is a beautiful big gentle black Labrador who has been fully trained and worked as a guide dog. He has had to retire from his guide dog duties due to his recurrent dislocating patella. Guide Dogs Tasmania have been keen to find a new role for Gilbert and we think we have found an ideal place for him with us in ED!

The program is the Facility Dog Program and is a new venture for Guide Dogs Tasmania and of course for us.

Gilbert will be in the workplace as a support for staff, and patients. He will have designated handlers around the department who are provided with dog handler training from Guide Dogs Tasmania staff in January 2021.

At work our plan is for time in the back office space to allow for staff to pat and debrief with Gilbert. There is evidence to show that 3 mins with a therapy dog is equivalent to 30 minutes of time alone.

In the clinical space Gilbert will provide a distraction to those in pain/ those who are anxious and scared/ those who just are missing out on love. He will bring a smile to many faces and we strongly believe will improve the workplace in so many ways.

We will focus on some specific projects such as distraction and support for children in ED, the elderly/ confused/ demented patients, and carefully chosen mental health patients.

His work home will be Lucy’s office (and one of the other offices if I am away)

Outside of work Gilbert is living with Lucy and enjoying the great outdoors on the farm with two other dogs, 2 children and heaps of space to exercise and relax in.

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